There are a few zones where you can propose a dual occupancy in Brisbane and the application will be limited to code assessment, meaning no public notification and no third party appeal rights:

Character Infill Zone (CR2)

a. Any pre-1947 house is retained
b. You do not exceed 9.5m and 2 storey building height

Low Medium Density Residential Zone (LMR, LMR2, LMR3)

a. If in LMR3 you can go to 11.5m and 3 storeys
b. If in LMR2 and within 400m walking distance of a transit station and has a frontage to a road with a reserve width of 15m or more you can go 11.5m and 3 storeys; otherwise 9.5m and 2 storeys
c. If in LMR you can go 9.5m and 2 storeys

Medium Density Residential Zone (MDR)

a. Must not exceed 5 storeys (or height specified in a neighbourhood plan)

If you do not meet the above criteria or your site is under a different zoning, this will likely trigger an impact assessable development application. Generally, Council will not support these types of applications unless well justified with the development being consistent with that existing in the area and community expectations.

We recommend contacting a UPQ town planner if you need to discuss a site’s potential further (07) 3535 0656.

Here are some additional points to remember when looking to propose a dual occupancy in a Character, Low-Medium or Medium density zoned site.

  • The neighbourhood plan requirements over rule the zone accepted outcomes
  • The general accepted outcomes for site area and site frontage are:
    • CR2 – 800m2 and 20m frontage
  • LMR (All) – 600m2 and 15m frontage
  • Building length accepted outcome is 25m
  • Car parking requirements are:
    • 1 space per 1 or 2 bedroom dwelling
    • 2 spaces per 3 or more bedroom dwelling
    • Parking may be provided in tandem spaces where 2 spaces are provided for 1 dwelling
  • Infrastructure charges will be applicable for the increase in dwelling density

Please note that a dual occupancy and a duplex are approved as a dual occupancy. A dual occupancy may be contained on one lot or each dwelling unit may be contained on its own lot subject to a Community Title Scheme.

Under Brisbane City Plan 2014 a dual occupancy is defined as:

a residential use of premises for 2 households involving
• 2 dwellings (whether attached or detached) on a single lot or 2 dwellings (whether attached or detached) on separate lots that share a common property; and
• any domestic outbuilding associated with the dwellings; but
• does not include a residential use of premises that involves a secondary dwelling.”

A dwelling is a building or part of a building used or capable of being used as a self-contained residence that must include food preparation facilities, a bath or shower, a toilet and wash basin and clothes washing facilities.

** Please note that whilst we will always attempt to provide the most current and accurate information, planning legislation is regularly amended. It is recommended that you speak with an experienced private town planner prior to proceeding with any development (07) 3535 0656

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