UPQ Fact Sheet – Subdivision in South East Queensland

Below we have provided tables for major South East Queensland Council’s minimum lot sizes. Please speak with us prior to purchasing property or if your proposal does not meet the below requirements.


Brisbane City Plan 2014

Zone Precinct Front (m2) Rear (m2)
Low Density Residential Not walking distance to centre 400 600
Walking distance to centre 300
Character Residential CR1 450 600
CR2 300 450
Low Medium Density Residential LMR 260 350
LMR2 260
LMR3 180
Rural Residential 10,000



Logan Planning Scheme 2015

Zone Precinct Minimum (m2)
Low Density Residential Small Lot 350 (average)
Suburban 350
Village 500
Large Suburban 1000
Acreage 4000
Small Acreage 2000
Large Lot Residential (Loganholme) 1000
Suburban Residential (Loganholme) 350
Low Medium Density Residential Townhouse 600
Apartment 800
Residential Choice (Loganholme) 600
Residential Frame (Loganholme) 800
Residential Core (Loganholme) 1200
Residential Edge (Loganlea) 600
Residential Frame (Loganlea) 800
Residential Core (Loganlea) 1200
Medium Density Residential All Precincts 1200
Rural Residential Park Residential 4000
Park Living 100 hectares
Cottage Rural 20 hectares in Urban Footprint
100 hectares outside Urban Footprint


Gold Coast

Gold Coast City Plan 2015

Zone Precinct Minimum (m2)
Tourist and Residential 1000
Residential Choice 400
Detached Dwelling 600
Village 600
Park Living Where not a single subdivision 4000
Rural In most instances 20 Hectares


Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014

Zone Minimum (m2)

Slope  ≤15%

Minimum (m2)

Slope ≤20%

Low Density Residential 600 1000
Medium Density Residential 800 1000
High Density Residential 800 1000
Rural Residential – Growth Management Boundary 6000 6000


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