Our Process To Get Your Project UP!

You are on this page because you are considering using, or have already engaged UP Queensland’s town planning services for your project.

Here we will clarify how we work with you and general service inclusions.

Please note that we work with all types of projects and clients come to us at different stages in their development journey. We personalise our process to each project and there may be slight variances in our service as we tailor it as we consider appropriate.

Step 1: Engagement of Services

UP Queensland openly offers free 10-minute planning sessions to any planning query, with trusted clients and consultants (e.g. architects + designers) often receiving more as required.

Once UP Queensland has issued a formal fee proposal and you have completed the required engagement page of the formal fee proposal, the UP Queensland team will:

  • set up the project in our system
  • review any advice previously provided prior to engagement
  • we may also purchase formal documents such as a property title search
  • preparation of reports, Council forms, State forms
  • Ownership reviews
  • Site or Desktop review as required
  • A 50% deposit is always required upfront, this fee is generally non-refundable.
Step 2: Detailed Assessment

Once engaged the UP Queensland team will commence a detailed assessment of your project and prepare all the necessary lodgement documentation.  UP Queensland will then provide completed documentation to you, our client for your optional review.

Once you are happy with the documentation UP Queensland will lodge the application.

Generally, this step involves our team carrying out the following works:

  • Ensure all necessary documentation has been provided including:
    • owners consent / easement / legal agreements
    • proposal plans are completed and to State standards
  • We may need to engage specialist consultants to assist with your project:
    • assist with obtaining fee proposals
    • manage specialist consultants
    • review consultant documentation
  • The UP Queensland town planning team will finalise the following documents and provide a formal assessment against relevant Local and State planning legislation:
    • applicant urban planning report
    • code compliance
    • SARA assessment
    • State forms
    • Council forms
  • Please note that if you are provided with completed lodgement package but do not proceed to lodgement of the application within 2 months, a further 25% of the UPQ fee will be invoiced (75% completion).
Step 3 + 4: Development Application Lodgement and Processing

Once given client approval, the development application lodgement package will be formally issued to the Council and State Government where required.

Some points to note at this step:

  • UP Queensland will issue our 50% outstanding invoice (25% if you have been invoiced 75% already). This will cover the general processing of the application and any minor correspondence between clients/council.
  • As a standard timeframe, Council will take 5 business days to issue their fee quote. Upon this fee being paid (we will send the fee quote to you) Council will then formally call the application ‘properly made’ and the assessment timeframes commence.
  • Should there be no issues with the proposal, Council will issue their Development Approval Package.

If Step 4 requires additional works as an information request or issues notice is provided we will advise you of your options.

Step 5: Approval

Once Council has completed their assessment of your project, the assessment manager will recommend the application for approval and this will be signed off by planning managers. This process can take a few days or a few weeks dependant on the assessment manager’s workload. Please note that under State legislation, Council’s have 5 business days for their administration to issue the planning approval documentation once it is signed off.

Once UP Queensland receives the development approval package, we will take 24-48 hours to review the package in detail and forward to you with our professional advice, flagging anything unusual.

We encourage you and any of your project team to review the conditions within 10 business days, as there is a 20 business day period to negotiate the development approval.

You can now move to the next stage of the development process with UP Queensland’s best wishes. 

We will be available post-approval for any town planning queries.

Some FAQ Answers


How long will UP Queensland take to prepare documentation?

Assuming we have all the necessary documentation and plans at the time of engagement or shortly thereafter, we ask for 3-5 business days to undertake a detailed assessment of the proposal.

How often will we be updated?

We will try to update you as reasonably possible. Simple correspondence from Council will be forwarded to you within a few business hours. For any correspondence requiring professional advice, please allow us 24-48 hours to consider it.

We will on average contact Council every 2 weeks or once a week dependant on the needs of the project. Please note, you are welcome to contact us any time for an update, however, please understand excessive requests will be billed at our post-lodgement hourly rate.

What if I have a concern with the application process? 

Our team will always provide you with feedback as to whether something is standard, or irregular. Please be aware that whilst your private town planner is here to advocate and provide expert legislative advice, we are not decision-makers and cannot issue development permits.