What do you need to lodge a DA involving subdivision?

Undertaking a development application is a lot more fun when you know upfront the documentation you will require! Each subdivision site will have its nuances and there will be slight variances to the below but this should help you get started. If ever in doubt call your local Council or a private town planner.

Survey Plan

Whilst some applicants will create a subdivision plan in CAD from basic mapping data, it is highly recommended that you initially obtain a formal survey of the site. The surveyor can identify the location of services, the formal property boundaries and the current site contours. Whilst an upfront cost, using this service can avoid future complications and speed the process up post development approval!

Plan of Subdivision

The plan of subdivision should identify the existing allotment, future property boundaries, new allotment areas and any new roads. This is the plan Council’s development assessment team will stamp approved. This plan can be prepared by a surveyor or a draftsperson.

Town Planning Report

The town planning report will cover all the assessable components of the proposal as well as provide an assessment against the local and State legislation. The planning report will also be inclusive of State and local Council lodgement forms.

Legal Point of Discharge

Every subdivision application should identify the proposed legal point of discharge for stormwater. Ideally this will be to a street frontage that adjoins the property. If your property slopes to the rear onto another property, you may need to speak with a civil engineer to obtain servicing advice.

Specialist Consultant Reports

If your property is affected by an overlay such as a Flood Overlay, Biodiversity Overlay or Bushfire Hazard Overlay you are likely to require a specialist report providing design advice and to support your application. Your town planner will identify which consultant reports are necessary and assist you to obtain quotes.


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