Looking to purchase or lease a property?

It is extremely important to make sure you cover town planning in your due diligence searches. Legislation in this sector is constantly changing and red tape increasing. Do not take for granted that anything is possible on your property or you have seen something similar down the street.

Do you need to know:

  • Existing and past town planning approvals
  • What is the approved use (important for commercial property)
  • Development potential
  • Can you extend or alter the existing building

Urban Planners Queensland offer pre-purchase written planning advice which will cover the above and any other town planning related questions you may have.

If you are seeking free advice please contact your local Council as most will offer a 10 minute phone call to discuss the above.

Case Study 1:

A client engaged UPQ due diligence services for a commercial property they were looking to purchase. UPQ provided written comprehensive advice which resulted in the client deciding to purchase the property for a lower price based on the findings of our report which noted they could not achieve what they originally thought they could.

Case Study 2:

A client sought advice on a property after settlement. They had been told by Council that the purchased land could be subdivided via a phone call during due diligence. UPQ found that the property could not be subdivided based on extensive overlay issues, Council then confirmed. The client sought free advice which was extremely costly.

Case Study 3:

A client was seeking a development property and engaged UPQs services to narrow their selection to ensure a quick and easy development process.



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