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News October – Urban Planning News

This month’s news includes important information and concepts to be aware of in the future of town planning as well as interesting articles related to architecture and design.

East-West Mass Rapid Transit for Brisbane

One of the most important public infrastructure projects that will benefit Brisbane in the long term is a new high frequency East-West mass rapid transit line to connect Brisbane’s burgeoning inner city growth areas. This newly predicted growth has been concentrated along a 10km East-West axis, it follows the path of the Brisbane River. 


The Best Architecture of the 21st Century

The Guardian recently released their pick of the 25 greatest builds of the new age. Tate Modern in London took the No.1 spot for its “momentous sloping entrance into the gaping turbine hall, to the processional routes through the airy galleries”. The second spot was given to Grand Parc, post-war housing estates in Bordeaux, France. The architects showed how new life can be given to boring concrete tower blocks, “Never demolish, never remove or replace, always add, transform and reuse!” Head to the article (link below) to explore the other 23 best designed buildings.


Guilty by Design: How Architecture Influences Jury Decisions

The principle of a fair trial is integral to the criminal justice system, but legal and architecture experts argue the design of a courtroom can influence a jury’s decision. An Australian study found that defendants in a criminal trial who sit in a dock are more likely to be found guilty by jurors than if they sit next to their lawyer.


It's Time to Plan a National Settlement Strategy

Over the next 30 years it is predicted that Australia’s population will increase by 50%, mostly concentrated on large cities. Past projections of Sydney’s population growth has been incorrect when has meant cancellation and re-planning of population projects. Without an accurate strategy, the disconnect between urban planning and immigration is generating massive economic, social and environmental consequences.