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Uncategorized Month of May – Success Stories

The theme for May is character houses; altering and building next to them. Here are three success stories where UPQ have obtained development approvals for houses in character areas. If you would like to receive our themed monthly emails sign up through scrolling to the bottom of our home page, under ‘Stay In Touch’.

success story 2The What: Development Approval was obtained for extensions to an existing intact pre-1911 house in the character zone in West End, Brisbane.

Interesting Fact: The application was triggered by the flood overlay as the development proposed an alternative outcome for an undercroft height in the overland flow path. As an application was triggered the neighbourhood plan imposed additional requirements on the project, however UPQ negotiated a reduction of these requirements given the BW was otherwise accepted development and would not have required an application where the development proposed a larger undercroft.

Timing: 2.5 weeks for Council to process from RiskSMART pre-approval to formal

Contact designer here: https://www.danielblakedesigns.com/
Contact builder here: https://massaconstruction.com.au/

success story 2 copy

The What: Development Approval was obtained for a new 3 storey dwelling house in the traditional building character overlay in Hamilton, Brisbane.

Interesting Fact: The application was not considered appropriate for RiskSMART due to the third storey component and some character design considerations; however the project was approved through Council’s general assessment process.

Timing: 1 month for Council to process from formal lodgement to development approval.

Contact designer here: http://www.theartificial.com.au

success story 3

The What: Alterations to an existing dwelling in Paddington. The ‘cottage’ had previously been altered and architecturally designed with the new owners seeking to soften the streetscape appearance.

Interesting Fact: In Council’s information request they believed the original dwelling may have been of pre-1911 construction and asked the applicant to prove date of construction. UPQ requested Council undertake this research as this could be a costly and time-consuming exercise for the client. It was then revealed that the original dwelling had been demolished in 2006 and the previous owner had been ordered to reconstruct the ‘cottage’. This finding resulted in Council approving a design similar to that lodged and a retraction of a number of items in the information request.

Timing: 4 months (lodged prior to Christmas and approved after Easter)

Contact designer here: http://www.kierongait.com.au/



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