If you are familiar with using your local Council’s planning scheme you can use the ‘level of assessment table’ within that document to determine whether you require an application for your proposed development.

This will involve checking for any triggers against the Zoning, Local Area or Neighbourhood Plan and Overlays.

If you are not familiar with using local legislation, you can call your local Council for FREE. In some instances, they may insist you to speak to a private planner (that is where we come in).

There are four types of assessment which your project may trigger:

  1. Exempt Development

Your development will not need a development approval. Exempt development is often inclusive of small building work such as demolition and rectification of staircases.

  1. Self-Assessable Development

Your development will need to comply with a set of criteria to be self-assessable. Self-assessable developments do not require a formal application to Council. You may however want to obtain written advice from your town planner.

  1. Code Assessable Development

You will need to lodge documentation with your local Council for a full assessment against any relevant sections of the planning scheme to have your development approved.

  1. Impact Assessable Development

You will need to lodge documentation for a full assessment against the planning scheme to obtain approval. You will also need to publicly notify your development through a 15 business day notification period including signage on the property, a newspaper advert and letters to your immediate neighbours.

Urban Planners Queensland will happily assist you determine the level of assessment for your project.

To assist us to better service you, please:

  • Provide the exact property address
  • Let us know what you want to achieve in words or a sketch

Let us know about any previous advice you have received

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