UP Queensland is seeking a town planner / senior town planner with a growth mindset and passion! 


The team at UP enjoy what we do day to day.

We want another team member who greets us with a smile, likes a challenge and isn’t afraid to get in and do the work.

If you are going to spend 5 out of 7 days in the week doing something, you might as well make it something you want to do!


The best parts about this role:

  • You can live where you want in South East Queensland. Whilst UP is headquartered in Brisbane, our team predominantly work remote and get together as it suits us. We reject the traditional retail office (tried that, didn’t like it) and prefer to be flexible in our work location options. If you are located outside of Brisbane, please be aware there will be an in-person orientation period.
  • You have the opportunity to take total ownership of your projects from engagement to completion.
  • The ability to build relationships with clients and grow your career as quick or as slow as you want.
  • We encourage networking with your peers and industry professionals, as well as up-skilling.
  • Remuneration is calculated against your experience and ability to meet set KPIs.
  • Not once has a team member been asked to work outside of normal business hours. We are very strong on the organisation and prioritisation of projects to ensure as much as possible is completed during business hours.
  • Need to pick your kids up at 3pm? Have a doctors appointment at 2pm? We won’t guilt you for having a life outside of UP. As long as you meet your KPIs and communicate, we won’t attach any microchips to track where you are.
  • Female leadership. Our managing director Jessica Reynolds is committed to providing a top quality private town planning service, encouraging the personal and career growth of her team, and connecting the industry through social media.
  • We use Apple products. Who doesn’t want to use a brand new Mac? Brownie points if you are tech savvy and able to effectively use Mac laptops and iPhones from day 1.
  • We have a start up mentality. This means we love to innovate and experiment. Working with us is exciting for the right person as we will always involve you in our ideas and plans.
  • Every year we raise money to end child trafficking through company events e.g. Sunshine Coast skydive in 2020, Story Bridge Abseil in 2021 and sit down lunches for those who prefer a slower pace 🙂


Who this role isn’t for:

  • Those who want to go to an office, do the 9-5pm and see work as a means to an end only.
  • Recent graduates with no paid full time experience, we do not have capacity to train you (one day we hope to).


If you have any questions about the role, please submit your CV to admin@upqld.com.au.

Whilst all applications are treated as confidential, you are welcome to reiterate this in your application.