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Urban Planners Queensland specialise in obtaining development approval (town planning approval) for new homes, house renovations and minor demolition of character homes throughout South East Queensland.

Do I need an approval?

Not every house requires a town planning approval, if you, or your designer are not sure you require a development approval you can contact us anytime by sending your plans and property address to admin@upqld.com.au
Scenarios where you are likely to require a town planning application include: new building work in a character zone; building work in a flood overlay; new structures in the traditional building character overlay; removing pre-1947 material in a character overlay area; a 3 storey dwelling house; non compliance with the small lot code; or building work affecting environmental overlays.

Our director's Guides to town Planning for Houses

3 Storey Houses

A few years ago you could build a three storey house in a lot of Brisbane suburbs but today the current City Plan is very restrictive. You must meet a number of criteria to be allowed to construct a 3 storey dwelling, including have a sloping topography, a predominantly 2 storey dwelling, a flood affected site and nearby dwellings should be of a similar building height to your proposal. The definition of what constitutes a storey is also a relatively recent change and includes areas used for storage, but not for bathrooms and stairs…

Secondary Dwellings

Secondary Dwellings in Brisbane City Council cannot exceed 80m2 of gross floor area or be larger than the primary dwelling. Not all secondary dwellings require a town planning approval, most don’t in fact. It is important to be aware however that in Brisbane the main house and secondary dwelling must be lived in by one household group and is not to function as a dual occupancy. You can find out more about dual occupancies below. 


Demolition of pre-war (anything built prior to 1947) in a character overlay may be assessable by Council. Generally, raising a house and only building to the upper core of the original building doe not require an application, nor does demolition to the rear of the building. Removing a window at the front of a site is assessable. You can contact us to find out if your proposed partial demolition or house removal are likely to be approved. 

FAST Approvals

We know your time is limited and the less time spent on obtaining a development approval, the quicker your project can start. We are RiskSMART accredited by Brisbane City Council which means low risk applications can be fast tracked and approved in 1 working week. This is not always the best fit for all projects so we provide suitable advice on a site by site basis. 

You Are Important

We treat all clients to great service. What is great service? We believe this is providing upfront honest advice, processing applications for lodgement in a timely manner, communicating with clients and being available via phone and email to answer questions. 

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Contact Urban Planners Queensland with your plans and site address for a initial town planning review. If applicable we can provide you with a quick and easy fee quote to get your project started. 

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