1. Upfront Appraisal

All too often people spend time and money purchasing a property and having designs drawn, only to find out their project is in conflict with their Council’s legislation. Many properties can also have ecological protection or limitations that you need to know before planning a project. An Urban Planner will perform upfront investigations to identify potential issues with legislation. A small investment in expert knowledge today can save you a far greater expense later on.

2. Reduce Risk

Much like any expert, urban planners use their knowledge and experience to reduce your risk of failure. We are here to assist you to realise your property goals by providing upfront advice. You want someone to tell you honestly what is possible and what will be a challenge potentially costing more time and funds. Working with an urban planner early in your project and throughout its duration dramatically increases your chances for development approval. An experienced town planner will ensure you are well informed with honest information to make better decisions.

3. Prosper

Urban planners can assist you to achieve the highest possible development yield on your property. We can justify slight variances to Council requirements based on legislation and town planning grounds. As a recent example, a client was told they could only build two units, we negotiated 3 units based on the sites location, ecology, topography and final design.

4. Save Time

Urban planners are great project managers. We understand the basics of engineering, architecture, landscape design and ecology which assist us to make more informed choices and get the most out of the specialist consultants attached to your project. We know who to ask, what questions to ask and when to ask them. Projects managed by the less informed can take longer, cost more and add stress on all stakeholders involved.

5. Better Outcomes

Urban planners are privy to endless developments and even though we like to leave the designing to the experts we can come up with some creative solutions to see projects realised. Urban planners are trained to look at the big picture, we draw together all property disciplines to encourage harmonious developments within specific legislation.

One thought on “5 reasons why a Town Planner should be your best friend
  1. I like that you pointed out that town planners are great at managing projects. I envision them like contractors for a house but they are helping with a whole town instead of just one building. My brother-in-law is a contractor and I think he should also start getting into town planning so I am going to send him this article!

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